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This is an archive of the website. is no longer on the internet. HSAMERICA the original importer of the HS 2000 is no longer in business. All contact and warranty information found on this archive is no longer valid. Springfield Armory is the new importer of the pistol that has been renamed the XD series. Springfield Armory will now honor the HS 2000 under their Lifetime warranty. Go to  for more information. The information used in this archive was provided from the backed up files of several members off old harddrives, posts and e-mails. I would like to thank them, the biggest thanks goes to ED. This archive is to be used for informational purposes only.
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HS Arms Presents the HS 2000

"Everything about the HS2000 says 'Strong, Reliable, Shootable,' I believe this is a handgun that deserves the attention of every serious handgunner."
Wiley Clapp
Guns & Weapons
"The HS2000 is a pistol ready for the next century"
Gary Paul Johnston
Combat Handguns
"...seriously sub-2 inch groups being par for the course at combat ranges..."
Sabastian Gorka
American Handgunner

Advanced engineering and ergonomics, state of the art safety solutions and flawless reliability are some of the qualities that make the HS 2000 a truly revolutionary handgun. Built by Croatia's advanced IM Metal production facility, this modern design is made to exacting tolerances using 21st century CNC machines and CAD systems. The resulting handgun is what independent law enforcement evaluators are calling a "World Class Pistol" equaling or exceeding the best available anywhere. The HS 2000 incorporates 4 redundant safeties, one in the grip, a trigger safety, a firing pin safety (drop safety), and an out of battery safety.
Suggested retail price $419

The HS2000
The Croatian Service Pistols
Small Arms Review, May, 2001
"The HS 2000 passed the short test with flying colors

Category Test
Gun Test, April 2001
Glock's GLI9 fired the first shot in this niche, but the latest volley of Parabellums includes impressive pieces like ... Intrac's budget HS2000.