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Magloc Springfield Armory XD Magwell

Model Series: MMW1620 Easy Fit Magwell

Materials: Glass fill Nylon

How its made: High pressure plastic injection molding

Introduced: December 2004

Facts: Will fit on 4 and 5 inch barreled Service model XD`s

Company Info: Smart lock Technologies Inc.

  1. Pacific Plaza, 1170-8888 Odlin Crescent

  2. Richmond, B.C. Canada V6X 3Z8

Phone: 604-551-8492

Manufactures Website:

MSRP: $22.00

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  I ordered my XD Magwell for testing before the production models were out on dealer shelves. For a preproduction sample the magwell looks good. The fit of the parts are fine, and when installed it blends right in with the rest of the grip of the XD.

Smart Lock Technologies Inc

HS2000 pistol shown with magwell installed and without magwell

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  This magazine well comes assembled ready for installation and can be attached to the pistol and ready for use in a matter of seconds. You attach it to the pistol by using the half round channel located at the bottom rear (red Arrow) of the grip on the XD and HS2000 pistols. The magwell has three cuts (red arrows below left) on an extension that fit inside of this channel. Push up on the magwell Until it is fully seated, and it is ready for use. The magwell has a tight fit in the pistol's channel and will take some effort to remove. For those that would like a more
attachment for the various shooting games. Smartlock has thought of you and on the rear of the magwell is a hole (above arrow right) for the included small retaining screw. Once the magwell is attached and fully seated just insert the retaining screw into the hole, using a fine philips screwdriver. Screw the retaining screw in until the head touches the base of the magwell and you are set. The magwell will not fall off until the screw is removed.

Now there are two warnings

1: You will put a small hole in the back of your pistol's polymer handle, but it is very small and is almost unnoticeable. If you plan to add and remove the magwell a lot you may not want to use the screw as every time you reinstall the magwell it will be difficult to exactly match up the screw holes in both the pistol and magwell. The good news is that unless you are just a gorilla and very abusive the mag well fits very tight and should stay with any normal usage even if you do not use the screw.

2: When tightening the retaining screw, you only have to tighten enough for the base of the screw head to touch the base of the magwell. If you continue to tighten you will strip the polymer on the grip and the nylon on the magwell. The good news on this is just tighten enough that the screw no longer moves and you are done. It is that simple.
to remove the magwell, first just take out the retaining screw if you have used it. Then you have two choices. The simplest is just to pull the magwell back off by Slowly pulling at the rear of the magwell and popping it right out. The second, if you just want to get rid of the large funnel portion of the magwell, you can remove just that. On the bottom of the magwell is a large screw (left arrow). If you remove the screw then you can remove just the funnel leaving the plug portion in place.
  The magwell did not interfere with my grip single or double handed although if you have really large hands your bottom finger may ride the top edge of the magwell. The magwell does as it is supposed to and adds width to the pistols grip so using this magwell for concealed carry may not be the best option. In competition the larger magwell and the easy fit can cut down reload times and help fix a sloppy reload. The funnel opens the XD and HS2000`s magwell by about a half inch. You can almost insert a magazine faced side ways and still finish a tactical reload in good time by twisting the mag while pushing up. Now most aftermarket magwell`s require the use of some type of extended magazine base pad, however the XD magwell does not require this. If using the stock base pad while reloading, keep your palm flat while pushing up on the magazine and slamming it home. No extended base pad is needed to remove the
magazine either. Occasionally magazines get stuck in pistols and have to be pulled out in a hurry. You can still do this with the EasyFit magwell because the magwell does not enclose all of the bottom of the grip. The magwell is open at the front end so it is easy to pull a magazine out of pistol from the front using the lip of the XD and HS2000 magazines. The magwell will flex so it is not a good idea to pull at it for no reason, but it will snap back to its original position if flexing occurs while reloading during use. The magwell only adds 0.34 oz to the total weight of the pistol and will fit any HS2000 or XD in the 4 or 5 inch barreled versions. The magwell can be made to work with the subcompact if the inside two arms that fit in the channel are filed down a bit. The channel of the subcompact has an extra "growth" in it so the trimming is required to get around that. If you are able and willing to put in a little work at fitting you can have a magwell on a subcompact XD. To make things better the EasyFit MagWell for the XD and HS2000 pistols comes with a 5 year limited warranty for more information check out Smart Lock Technologies Inc at their website

  During use the magwell did make for faster reloads and made it easier to find the magazine into the magwell. No destructive testing was done because this was my only sample. But over all no major
problems occurred while using the the magwell so no extreme testing was needed. As with any new product added to a firearm you will still have to practice to learn how to use it. Smart Lock Technologies put a lot of work and effort into this MagWell and it shows. For those of you do-it-yourselfers that are looking to further customize your XD or HS2000, the MagWell can give you an inexpensive non-permanent and functional option that does not only gives you the potential for better scores but sets you apart as well.

Written By James Nicholas 2004


The mag well shown on the XD with and without a magazine inserted.

Here an XD is shown with the Recoil Control Thumb Rest, GripPlus Memory Groove

and the EasyFit MagWell.

The rear of the XD showing the retainer screw as well as the front and back of the magwell.