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TruGlo Tritium Fiber Optic TFO Sights

Model Series: TG131

Materials: Tritium, Steel, Polystyrene

Introduced: 2004

Facts: Will fit on all models of XD & HS2000

Company Info: Truglo, Inc

  1. PO Box 1612

  2. McKinney, Tx 75070

Manufactures Website:

MSRP: $149.99

Sight Options for the TFO TG131 Series

TG131AR      AR-15 Front sight

TG131GT1    Glock 9mm/40sw

TG131GT2    Glock 45acp/10mm

TG131HT      HK

TG131KT      Kimber

TG131MPT   S&W M&P

TG131SG     Shotgun Front Sight

TG131ST1    Sig 8/8 9mm/40sw

TG131ST2    Sig 6/8 45acp

TG131XT      Springfield XD

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This is what the unopened factory sealed TFO clam pack looks like. This is basically the same packaging that has been used since 2004. You cannot tell how old the sights are just by looking at the front of the packaging. You will notice in the full sized version of the picture that there are plastic weld marks on the side of the package. If these weld marks are broken the package has been opened.

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This is a collage I did back in 2004 when the sights were not even released yet. We were the first ones in the US outside the factory to get and install TFO`s on XD`s

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Various views of the TFO rear sight, click on each for an up close view. The rear sight also has engraving. On one side you will see the same engraving that the front sight has “TG-H3”.  The TG stands for Truglo and the H3 is the symbol for the radioactive material Tritium. One the opposite side of the first engravings you will see the model number of what pistol the rear sight fits . In the examples above “XT” is engraved and denotes the sight will fit the Springfield Armory XD.

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Various views of the TFO front sight, click on each for an up close view. If you look at the engravings you will see

“TG-H3”. These engravings stand for Truglo and H3 is the symbol for the radioactive material Tritium.   If you look at the underside of the sights, you will see the engraved model number (look above at the sight options sections for all of the model numbers).  This allows you to identify which pistol the sights are designed for.

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The TFO`s are only sold as a pair.

Synopsis: Truglo TFO`s are night sights that incorporate fiber optic light pipes. When I describe these sights to my customers, I let them now they are the brightest sights available for use at night or during the day. These sights are truly a 24 hour lighting system. When there is any ambient light available, the fiber optic light pipes gather that light and channel it to the rear where your eyes pick it up. The sights also have built in vials of tritium like any other night sights.  These are always emitting a glow. What makes the TFO`s so special is that those tritium vials are buried in front of the fiber optics. When there is not enough outside light available for the fiber optics to pick up, the glow from the tritium is then channeled to the users eyes. These sights use multiple technologies to gather enough light, day or night to be one of the most useful sets of sights available on the market.

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The front and back of the fold over cardboard insert removed from the plastic clamshell. Note: You can date when the sights were made from the back of the cardboard insert. If you look at the UPC sicker on the lower right hand side. Above the Model number “TG131XT” you will notice the top line. “09 FT  10” is the manufacture date with year first month second. This set of sights were made in year 2009, Month 10 (October). 

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The Cardboard insert folded open to reveal a ziploc baggie

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The contents of the baggie include a folded up paper and an allen key that is used to tighten the rear sight into place

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This paper includes a short description on both the Truglo fiber optic sights and their TFO sights. The paper describes how the sights work, what kind of care and maintenance is required, and installation instructions.

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Here are some pictures of what the TFO sight looks like installed on an XD. The sight install was preformed by us at XD-HS2000 on a customer’s Springfield Armory XD 40 Ported Service model.


The TFO is one of the most unique sights available and to my knowledge there is nothing else like them available. But they are not perfect and do require some care. Just like any other fiber optic sight, the fiber optic material is made out of a plastic. If you get some TFO`s installed on your slide you will have to be careful what type of chemicals you use to clean it. I always tell my customers that if you’re the type of person who uses an action blast cleaner, automotive brake or carb cleaner and spray your slide down.......DONT GET TFO`s. The fibers will melt and dissolve when exposed to harsh chemicals. If you clean your weapons with stuff like Hoppe`sSimple GreenBreak Free CLP or something similar you will not have any issues. A simple test to see if your cleaner is safe: Apply some of your cleaner to a piece of Styrofoam (like a cheap ice cooler or coffee cup). If your cleaner deformed or melted the Styrofoam you won’t want to use it near the TFO sights. The other issue with the TFO`s is again the same issue that happens to all other fiber optic sights. Sometimes the fibers will fall out and could get lost. If the fibers fall out it is not the end of the world and the sights will still work like factory sights. The metal housing and the tritium is still there and you will only have to replace the green plastic fiber optic pipe material. If you buy a set of TFO`s and you are really worried they may fall out there are a couple things you can do. You can call Truglo and for a couple dollars they will send you enough fiber material and the instructions to replace several sets worth of TFO sights.  This way you are prepared before it happens. Another fix people on the internet have used successfully, is taking some clear silicone and filling in the top of the sight where the fiber optic is. This will essentially glue the fibers in the metal housing (this will have to be replaced when the silicone gets dirty). Really the chance of the light pipes falling out with use is low and only happens to one in thousands, and as I said the fixes are cheap and easy so really its not something you should loose sleep over. The benefits of the sight far out-weigh the cons and is really a sight you should consider if you need performance for defense or duty use.


As far as installation: the current versions of the TFO`s 2009/2010 year manufactured sights are beautiful to install. They are not manufactured oversized and 99.9% of the time will be a drop in fit to XD slides. I have not had to FIT a TFO sight to an XD dovetail for at least two years. I remember around 2007 TFO`s came oversized and almost each had to be fitted. What made it worse is that the sights were also metal hardened and was not easy to cut with a hand file so you could fit them. I am glad that Truglo adjusted their manufacturing because if you know how to install sights “the right way” you should not have problems installing these on your own or your customers’ slides. You really need to use a sight pusher to install these sights because the punch and hammer method will really ding and smudge the pretty smooth rounded lines of the sights.

Final Thoughts

These sights get a allot of flack on the net, most of which is undeserved. I equate this to being a sight you really have to use to understand. I tell my customers a story that happened around 2007. A friend who belonged to one of the local police departments brought me a fellow police officer who was close to retiring.  He had carried a revolver his whole career. He could not see the sights on the issued Glocks and thus kept his revolver that had a fiber optic front sight. He could continue to qualify and that worked for him even though he liked shooting the Glocks. I installed some TFO`s on the issue weapons of other officers in the department.  Of course these sights are so cool you have to show them off. This old timer saw and used those TFO sights.  Not much later he came to the shop with his brand new issue Glock and before he even shot it, he had me install a set of TFO`s on it. When he qualified with his new “TFOed” Glock he could now see both the front and rear sights. Overnight he was shooting better and actually qualified with that weapon with higher scores than he received in years prior. If your eyes are not what they used to be, you owe it to yourself to get these sights. TFO`s are not  are not hype; for what they do (allow you to see in day or night), they are the real deal.

by James Nicholas

June 4th, 2010